U.S. Work Visa Cases in the Engineering Industry

O-1A Visa Opinions in the Engineering Industry

Matter of T-
ID# 763700 (AAO Dec. 21, 2017)

AAO Mar. 11, 2015

One-employee company involved in development of high performance wireless surveillance technology and electric supply and storage technology for vehicle markets petitions for O-1A visa for engineer.

AAO Jul. 30, 2014

Regional planning agency petitions for O-1A visa on behalf of data systems manager.

AAO Jun. 14, 2013

AAO Oct. 1, 2010

AAO Feb. 2, 2009

AAO Sep. 19, 2007

AAO Jul. 23, 2007

AAO Oct. 4, 2006

AAO Mar. 1, 2006

Petitioner pursued O-1A visa for 34-year-old Korean nonvolatile memory device engineer.

AAO Jan. 17, 2006

Interactive software development company seeks O-1A visa on behalf of senior programmer previously employed under an H-1B visa.

AAO Mar. 8, 2005

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